One of my most favorite quotes goes like this...

"I think that creativity is not something you calculate. It sounds very pretentious to talk about it like that, but I ultimately think that if you’re creative, you can apply it to millions of different things; it doesn’t really matter what you ultimately do with it. And today’s creativity, because of the pace people create for the ones who do anything, has to be multitalented and multitasked. Like, you have to do everything, not just fashion shows or clothes or photographs or films or whatever. Hopefully, if you have a point of view of your own, it can be applied to any story that needs to be told in an unusual way, and then it can be told through any method."-Alexandre de Betak
I want this to be a place where all my creative ideas live. Good and Bad. If you're not creating (and it doesn't necessarily have to be tangible creations, it could be memories or moments), you're not living. 

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