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What’s in a moment?


A little over a year ago I was having lunch a top the CN Tower in Toronto, drinking a latte and eating an overpriced sandwich to enjoy the Views Drake has spoken so fondly of. As I sat, an elderly gentleman came by and asked if he could join me. I looked at him and said…. “sure”. He sat down putting his bag in the spare chair, iPad on the table and introduced himself as Wilhelm, where he then proceeded to pass me his business card that really just said his name and email in a late 90’s flare. I told him my name and we began to chat.

Wilhelm was in the Russian and Czech army for 40 years and had been in Toronto for about a week, recently just coming back from gambling a bit in Niagara Falls. We talked about our travels and being that I had just been in Rio a month ago, that was my main source for stories. When I told him I was Cambodian, he got excited and told me how much he loved Camboja and how beautiful the country was; I told him I’ve yet to visit unfortunately. Also, keep in mind his English was very spotty and a lot of hand gestures were used between the both of us.


He fiddled with his iPad the whole time and asked me if I could help him connect to the Wi-Fi, he wanted to make a Skype call. He slid it my way, and I had it set up in no time; He then made a call to his lady friend back in Russia. He was so excited to see her face and her voice sounded so full of joy getting to talk to him. I didn’t understand anything they said but I’m sure it went something like “Helllo, I miss you, look where I’m at, look at the View” He pressed the iPad against the window to give her the best view possible and then he pointed the iPad my way and I gave a little wave; she smiled and waved back.

And in this instance, I knew this was a moment I’d remember. It was sweet, unexpected and simple. Life is too short to not share a moment with someone, even if that someone is thousands of miles away. Whether friend, lover, or stranger. We live to share.  Share our stories, our ideas, our thoughts, experiences, and knowledge. So while you’re out there living, don’t think about the past or future…too much, appreciate the moment you’re in now.