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If you're good enough, you will win

28. So here I am, definitely in my late 20’s now and at a point in my life where I feel/know I’m on the verge of something wonderful. I’ve had three different “careers” in a span of 2 years, one like the other and one not like the others. Through all of this, I’ve realized that work goes a long way. But not only that, you have to be efficient, open-minded, fearless and willing. When you put that into your work, that’s what separates the winners and losers.

There are no road maps for life, there are no true steps to follow. We live the lives meant for us, I say this a lot. My mom texted me the other day and in that text she said “I missed when you were a little boy, son. I wish I could have done more things with you but I was so poor” I teared reading that, I’m tearing now typing this. I told her “Don’t feel bad Mom, don’t regret anything. We live the lives meant for us. Because of you, because of our life, I am the person I am today. You gave me everything I could ask for, food on my plate, a roof over my head, and unconditional Love.” Verbal communication isn’t a strong suit in our family, also might be an Asian thing as well…. missing that “speak up” gene.

Regret gets you nowhere, being stagnant gets you nowhere. If you want to get somewhere you work at it, you work for it. There are far more rags to riches stories than there are riches to riches stories because people who have nothing know what work is and aren’t afraid of it.

Last week I had a taste of one of my life long dreams and the saying of “if you do what you love, it won’t feel like work”, never felt more prominent. Although I was dead tired, and exhausted beyond belief because I haven’t worked that hard in years, I never felt happier and overall, fulfilled. I’m looking forwards to seeing what my late 20’s brings me because I know that work pays off and that I am good enough to win.