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New Year, Better Us


You are more. We all have those moments where something within sparks and we become super inspired, super motivated to take on whatever change or task it may be. And then maybe over a few months, days, hours, or minutes that spark you once had fades away and you find yourself back in the same place you were before--nowhere. Then it becomes this ongoing cycle of goals, delays, detours, and ultimately, excuses.

And you know what, that’s okay. You fall and get back up right? and as long you have that yearning to become a better person or do something good, you’ll have that chance. It’s when you stop trying and stop striving; that’s when it becomes a problem.


If I were to put this year into one word, it would be…Aware. I know what makes me tick, what my flaws are, my genuine qualities and overall, I have a sense of who I am. Now if you ask me where do I see myself in 5 years, that’s another story. But my endeavors are most certainly there, and I do indeed intend to finish a lofty project of mine. Whether it be good or not, that is to be determined but if it’s coming from me…you know its quality. *humble brag*

Consistency & Confidence. That is what I lack, and that is what I am aiming for in this New Year. CC, let’s call 2018…my Chanel year.