astudyof contrast

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The ReUp

“This week has really tested my patience and over all sanity. Thankfully, I’m a pretty optimistic person and understand that even though I’m at a really low point right now, I can only go up.”
--I wrote that July 19 of this year and from then, I did only go up.

From that moment till now seems like an eternity. During that time, I wanted to write but what was the catalyst for my creative endeavors no longer existed. I just let it go and life happened, the way it usually does. And I think through it all, I’ve become even more humble--if that’s even possible.

So let’s get to it, during that time of struggling creatively, astudyof contrast, was born. This idea, this something, is what I feel is the core of everything I am and everything I want to eventually create. The whole plan isn’t thought out, it’s still a work in progress as is everything in my life. But it’s a start. Right now it is this blog. I’ll give you the whole idea and meaning behind it at a later date if it isn’t obvious.

I recently came back from Rio de Janeiro where I attended the 2016 Olympic Games, I say recently but it’s been about two weeks now. It was an amazing experience and I’ve been trying to figure out how I want to express it all. I’ve decided to share it in a series format as short stories. I think one long rant (much like this post is becoming) wouldn’t do it just. And something else that took me off guard is that in about a week, I’ll be starting a new career.

I’d like to thank the one or two people who took the time to read about my life and future ventures, it’s much appreciated. I’ll be back soon rather than later this time. The end of the year stretch will be something amazing!