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Talk to me Pretty

One of the things that I find most enjoyable in life these days is a good conversation. Ironic, since usually I’m more reserved and typically shy away from people. But when you’re with the right people or right person, conversation is everything. The ability to lose all track of time and be unaware of anything around you, can feel like a space or high all your own.

These feats are rare--for me at least, that is why I treasure them. So what makes up a good conversation? For me, it’s a number of things…

·      Genuine connection is one of them; the interaction between two people has to be real and authentic. Vibes do exist and sometimes people don’t vibe with one another, its okay, just keep it moving.

·      Being comfortable, you’re a different person amongst strangers than when you are with friends or family and that’s the energy/ease you have to bring. Of course, that relaxed feeling takes time but if the situation is right, that feeling will automatically take over.

·      The ability to listen, and I mean actually listen. Taking time to analyze and put thought into what another person says may seem like a no brainer but I feel that we as people tend to be selfish. Caring only about our own interests and not others. Learn to listen with not only your ears but your mind as well. Listening will always take you a long way.

·      And finally, Substance. This is what turns a good conversation into a great conversation. That concrete subject that interests you both, and your ability to add something of value to this moment.

We are all people just wanting to find other people to connect with. Whether it is to share experiences, get something off your chest, give advice, learn something new or whatever. Everyone wants to be a part of the conversation. 


*Lips inspired by Jessica Rowe