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Motivation Reminder

Lately, I’ve found myself in this state of being content with a routine. It’s a feeling I’ve grown too familiar with and I absolutely hate it. That is a huge reason I’ve started whatever this is. I know being content or comfortable is not the worst thing. For some people it is enough, but for me, it’s not something I want.

When you’re young, you have all these dreams and ideas of how you’ll become rich or how you’ll change the world. As you get older, you realize it’s the execution that matters, not the idea. If you do not put in all your heart, energy, passion into what ever you do, you’re not going to go far.  Things change, people stop dreaming, and life just passes us by.

And sometimes, the most difficult thing is taking your own advice, it’s easier to hear it from someone else or read it. There’s no formula, or recipe to follow in order to reach your highest potential. That defining moment can come at any time in your life. The important thing is to never stop believing that you are enough, and you have the ability to do what ever your heart desires. All it takes is action. Now that’s the hardest part, that’s what separates us.

Bottle that feeling and capitalize.