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Be Interesting

There’s this phrase that goes, “Pretty people stop being pretty if they aren’t interesting”. Its something that becomes more evident as I meet more and more people. As cliché as it might sound, beauty does fade--so what’s left is everything else. Personality.

Interesting doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve had to travel the world or be exceptionally fantastic at something. Interesting, is being uniquely you and not an imitation of anyone else. It is whatever grabs your attention that you feel you relate to, that you feel you can share, cultivate, and inspire. What makes you tick.

Everyone grows up differently and being able to channel your youth and all past experiences into your right-now, that’s something of value. You may not feel that its anything worth sharing but sharing differences is what helps society grow as a whole. It’s true that your environment shapes you, so let it and have an opinion about it.

Getting to know someone should be fascinating, leaving you wanting to know more and not based purely on the falsities of appearances. Because after you get pass that, you’re only left with your thoughts, opinions, and words to build whatever is next--a back and forth gamut of human emotion.

The moment you realize how you are different from everyone else, is the moment you become beautiful.