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2016, my Love Letter to you


The moment you walked into my life, everything changed. Never had I been so enthralled by someone solely through conversation. Your stories, your adventures…it made me want to be more, do more.

Everything before April of this year is a blur. The worst feeling is to feel like you’re coasting, that you’re not progressing, not being challenged enough and before then; I was coasting. A life with no purpose, is not a life to live.

And as quickly as you came into my life, you left. For a second, I felt like I dreamt you up, that you were another one of my elaborate dreams that felt all too real. Life has this way of humbling you and I was quickly hit with doses of reality, from personal issues, to family issues; it all hit me at once. But as you hit your lows, you can only go up, all the way up. “So you thought you figured it all out? Nope.”

This leads me to the latter part of the year. I went to the Olympics, took a couple of smaller trips in between, I started a new career, and purchased my first car. There was something about that Olympic experience that will live within me forever; I constantly have withdrawals whenever I think about it and that is what life is about. Having those moments, ones that you want to relive, that become memorable experiences that ultimately, changes you.

As much as this year was a whirlwind from national news, worldly news, Deaths of Pop Culture Icons and so on, I didn’t want to dwell on that. If anything, all of this makes you realize that you only have so much time in life. The more you dwell, the less you live.

This New Year, I aim to be more confident and more consistent. I have a lot to say and a lot of projects I want to pursue. If I fail, at least I tried. This will be a Champagne year.